Hetalia Axis Powers – Austria Cantabile

When we first expected it’d be an intro for the other countries in the 4koma series, we instead get an episode starring Austria.

First, we get to know of Austria’s discontent of Italy allying with Germany, to the point of actually getting mad.

And how does he get mad?

By playing the piano.


Look at that rage!

After that, we get a little cutscene featuring the axis powers trio near the campfire again, with Japan trying his newfound delicacy – graham crackers and marshmallows. It’s so successful, that the spying group consisting of America and the rest of the countries want to try that too.

Next, Chibitalia, with more on Austria’s abuse of little Italy. Of course, the abuse stops when the little guy gets impressed by Austria’s piano skills.


Despite the abuse, little Italy still recognizes talent.

We move into yet another scene featuring Austria, this time complaining to Germany how he shouldn’t throw his underwear when it’s still wearable. Now we get to see the fellow’s tailoring skills, with the results hardly impressing Germany.

Finally, the Axis Powers have a minor discussion, again related to Austria’s whereabouts. Turns out he’s been there all along, playing the piano on top the ocean.


Don't tell me how the piano managed to float.

Keep on playing, Austria. Keep on playing.

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