Toradora! – Dreams

Or so what Ryuuji wants what happened last week to be.

A rather uneventful episode this week. Though, it seems Ryuuji has gotten more shy in front of Taiga when he came back to visit his place, when earlier on, she was with her (true) mother after the rescue operation.

Ami and Minori did have a face to face talk (but not before a well placed prank), but it doesn’t seem like Ami’s going well with her. Minori tries to prove to her that she still has the guts, despite what went on , and mentions that she will look on forwards to the future.

We finally get to see a bit more interaction between Ryuuji and his mother Yasuko. Despite the airheaded exterior, she really does know what’s best for son and tries hard to help him succeed in his future carrer, in which he has yet to decide which to go with.

Concluding this week’s Toradora post is a couple of pics that might be worth a laugh or two.


3 poke combo!


Minori sure has the best shocked expressions in this series, even if it was a prank she pulled off.

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