Toradora! – Tiger’s really a cub during Christmas.

Not really fierce now, aren't we?

Not really fierce now, aren't we?

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Gintama – Hardcore Gaming 101

So, Gintama 98 and 99 gave us a glimpse at the role of video gaming in Future Edo.

The results?

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Mario and Luigi 3 – Bowser says “Get in mah belly”.

It seems like the game’s battles return in the form of Superstar Saga than Partners in Time, with an added feature of Bowser and the use of his minions. Also, if you check the Character section of the Japanese official website, you’ll find a certain villain who has fury made his well deserved return.

Either way, I’m hoping this would get a US release soon. While the whole baby thing in Partners of Time dissapointed a lot of folks, I didn’t find it too bad, but perfer the older bros-only scheme in Superstar Saga. Also, finally getting to play as Bowser and wrecking havoc looks and sounds fun from the trailers, so consider me hyped.

Batman: The Brave and The Bold – The Beetles

Blue Beetles, that is.

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Hetalia Axis Powers – As short as Chibi Italy.



If there’s one flaw that Hetalia Axis Powers has then it’s not the stereotyping of most of the world’s nations, but how incredibly short the episode is. I mean in the 1st episode, we’ve barely got a quick introduction to most of the characters with a line or so of dialogue, with the exception of the ditzy America (with voice actor Katsuyuki Konishi speaking REALLY fast) and incredibly serious Germany, a to-be-continued scene featuring Germany discovering a box of tomatoes during World War 1 and a cute little scene about Italy’s childhood – then pop, it’s the ED theme. You also get to know a bit of history on the way too, so free education alongside entertainment. Yeah. But aside from the airing duration and transitions between each part, it was decent in general.

I don’t think it might be hard to follow this one, unless the online streaming will somehow get stopped with all the controversy going on recently.

RideBack – Ballet Dancing Mecha Bikes

In before the "I believe I can fly" reference.

In before the "I believe I can fly" reference.

RideBack, from the first two episodes I’ve watched, is one hell of a pretty show. The animated sequences such as the inital ballet dancing scene in the first episode was incredibly fluid, the character (and even the RideBack) designs are rather good and the CG actually melds well with the traditional animation, more like in both installments of the Ghost in the Shell TV series and nothing like some of the bizarre discrepancies seen in a few recent Gonzo shows.

The characters themselves seem to have potential for some decent development, despite the short 12 episode count, mosly in regards to main character Rin and her colleagues – and how Rin will deal with the GGP issue after joining the RideBack group. I think the only character I dislike so far is Suzuri – for which I would hope that later on she’d tone down the Rin fangirling.

Though I can’t quite define what genre the show is yet, I find myself interested in watching further and see how it’ll all end.

Batman: The Brave and The Bold – Not supposed to be Batman: The Animated Series.

Fortunately, it's not [i]The Batman[/i], either.

Fortunately, it’s not The Batman, either.

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Toradora! – Don’t catfight against a tiger.



Toradora 16 was indeed one of the more powerful episodes I’ve seen in the series.

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Lupin III vs Conan – Arsene Lupin vs Sherlock Holmes, Anime style.

Yet another crossover.

Or how Tokyo Movie Shinsha has offically ran out of ideas for TV movies concering both series.

Seems like Conan still didn’t quite have enough crossovers yet, after the whole Shonen Sunday vs Shonen Magazine extravaganza. Which included a manga series and an upcoming DS game against that other detective, Hajime Kindaichi from Kindaichi’s Case Files.

I enjoyed what I’ve watched of both Lupin and Conan; plus the sheer potential of seeing Daisuke Jigen and Kogo Mouri or Fujiko Mine and Ran Mouri in the same special sounds potentially awesome, so I’ll be keeping an eye on this.

Pole no Daibouken – Sega’s making fun of old school Nintendo.

Trailer #1

Trailer #2

Official Website

Following on the footsteps of Megaman 9 and Game Center CX/Retro Game Challenge – which the latter also features a parody of old school games and which bears the title of the Japanese classic gaming show of the same name – Pole no Daibouken is apparently Sega’s answer to bringing back the old in the new age – by mostly making fun of the original Super Mario Bros. with a bizarre cowboy setting.

I dunno about the rest of you, but I’m definetely considering to get this if it ever hits the US Wiiware service (and it’s pretty cheap too, running for about 500 Wii Points).

I wonder if this classic style game surge will last for long, though.