Street Fighter IV – Flashback Romhacks

Checking out the unreleased/beta/cancellled game infoblog – it apparently turns out that the idea of the 4th installment of the Street Fighter series has been pitched before producer Yoshinori Ono did, which went by the apparent name of Street Fighter IV Flashback – and which has never seen the light of day.

Which is totally understandable, once you actually read the article itself. This goes especially true with the time-rewinding mechanic they were trying to implement named “Flashback”, which is used for reversing mistakes you’ve performed during your fight.

If you thought that sounded wrong, well, there’s much wronger than that in the form of an NES romhack bearing the name of Street Fighter IV; and which is nothing short of being hilariously bad.

So we now have bald monks, bunny girls and Ryu is now named Cliff.


I said wow.

Street Fighter Online: Mouse Generation – Starring Presidents, Cyborgs and Death Metal Artists. Oh and Ryu, too.

So, Street Fighter Online: Mouse Generation has been slowly morphing from a bizarre experiment of using a traditional computer mouse for a fighting game (and sharing very simple looking models) to having one of the most diverse and awesome casts ever.

Not only because of the additions of both Cyborg 009 and Cyborg 004 from the much underrated Cyborg 009 action manga/anime series, but because of the inclusion of current US president Barack Obama and the incredibly vulgar and grotesque death metal singer Johannes Krauser II from the comedy Detroit Metal City.

Unfortunately, though, we probably might not see this heading into the english territories anytime soon, seeing as to how the game now has licensed characters from different manga publishers in the US.

Still, I’m curious as to how crazy the game will go from here. Perhaps we may find Kogarashi from Kamen no Maid Guy or Rambo as the game’s newest challengers.

Street Fighter IV – Strategic Rap Sessions

So, iPlayWinner has been delving into providing the latest strats regarding fighting games, most especially for Street Fighter IV. One of the contributors to the site named Lil’ Shoto decided that he’d take character strategies to quite a different level.

Via rap music.

The results? Well, hear it yourselves.

El Fuerte




Apparently, there’s going to be more songs like these for the rest of the cast, as well.

Also in relation to SFIV, I’ll end this up with another pic of the game’s ridiculous expressions that’s one of the most bizarre yet.

Street Fighter IV – Rose’s “SHAMWOW!” powers

Gametrailers link

I still stand by my statement that the expressions in this game are brilliant – the look on Rufus and Blanka especially were hilarious.

P.S For those of you who are curious of what SHAMWOW! is: