Toradora! – Avalanche!

Of emotions, not snow. We do get a snowstorm, however.

The incredibly crappy (to the characters of the series) ski trip generally riles up when Noto and Kihara start up an argument in regards to the latter wanting to ride with Kitamura on the ski lift.


He, however, thinks otherwise.

After Minori’s attempt to stop the argument, Kitamura tells both of them to calm down, while being totally oblivious of the purpose of the argument or what Kihara’s really doing this for. At least Ami isn’t, which lead to her pulling off more of her rather bitter commentary.

But that’s not all we hear from her in this episode!

Later on and after the argument, Ryuuji went off to the dining hall to think about several things, including how Taiga didn’t mention how she went with Kitamura to a shrine on New Years. Minori comes in and talks about the argument and shows off a hairpin she get from Taiga; looks like you’re still out of luck, Ryuuji.

Our hero is later seen wrapping himself in a blanket (and in depression, too) until the rest of his male buddies get him out of it via a prank. He discusses to them about the rejection while bein shocked, as they later plan to help him out to confess his feelings to Minori one more time.

As they visit the girls room, they find no-one there except that the fact that the room is a complete and utter mess. Ryuuji goes into neat freak mode, but not until Taiga suddenly arriving after her shower, which causes Ryuuji and co. to go into hiding into the room’s closet.

As she notices a noise and tries to open closet, the rest of the girls come in. Ryuuji for some odd reason grabs her in and tries to keep her quiet and not cause any ruckus that may make the others notice them.

The girls go into a little bit of random talk, when Ami suddenly brings in the subject of Minori’s rejection to Ryuuji. Obviously, Minori wasn’t too happy about that.


Minori finally gets mad for once.

After the 2nd argument of the episode goes through, Ami then “apoligizes” to Minori for bringing up the subject.

Next day, Ryuuji notices a depressed Ami as she attempts to do some kind of a snowman. She then admits the argument she had with Minori yesterday, as both Taiga and Ami’s sled crashes into her.

Ami seemingly took it seriously, thinking of it a sign that Minori has yet to forgive her from that argument. Then, it took a turn into the violent side of things.


Ami's so tough, she manages to knock two people down.

While both fought it out, Minori’s hairpin flies off and Taiga runs after it. Yuri-sensei comes in later to break up the fight, after which Ryuuji finally notices that Taiga has gone missing.

Ryuuji, Kitamura and Minori then delve into a sudden snowstorm to look for the palmtop tiger. Ryuuji eventually finds her unconscious and tries to carry her back to safety.

Taiga then slowly gains back consciousness as she tries tries to talk to what she thinks is Kitamura about her failed wish and her inability to stop loving the person who supported her the most – Ryuuji.


Yet another drama filled episode with rather violent events. I’m curious to see how Ryuuji reacts towards Taiga after hearing her involuntary confession as well as the aftermath of the emotional tension stemmed between Ami and Minori

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