Hetalia Axis Powers – America and Friends

No sign of Axis Powers trio in this ep, as the focus shifts to America and his allies this time around.

The episode starts off with America deciding on each countries’ roles during the upcoming war, with America simply deciding that everyone’s on support and that he’s the hero – much to the dismay of everyone else, sans the constantly smiling Russia.


A true hero!

Britain then argues with America on the latter’s lust for leadership, as the former tries to rub it in at how they helped America to be an independent nation. America on the other hand is just disgusted with the scones that Britain gave to him once.


Guess he loves burgers more.

France tries to break up the fight and wants to let the meeting take place, while telling them to change their currenly uncool clothes with a rather uncool pose.


France with the flashiness.

China gets into the mix and tries to decide on how the spoils should be split between each country.


China takes over everything!

And resulted in a prompt response from America.



Later on, Britain decides to choose Japan as their first target, with America trying to look for Japan on the map…which only has America in it.

Chibiatlia gave us another moment between Italy and the Holy Roman Empire, this time where Italy helps the HRE on how to draw. As usual, the HRE leaves embarrassingly during when Italy helps him out in handling the paintbrush.

The segment after the credits tells us a bit more on why Russia is rather calm and would rather be an observer of everything that goes wrong with the allies’ meetings. He then tells France at how he’ll probably won’t see everyone again…as he is anxious to see everyone beg for their lives.


Be weary of the silent, smiling types. Always.

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