Spring Anime ’09 Outlook #2 – Leopardmen and cats with cellphones in Italian restaurants

Part two of the Spring ’09 anime outlook now; with Eden of the East, Guin Saga, Chi’s New Address and Ristorante Paradiso.

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Spring ’09 Anime Impressions – Alchemists on horsecycles, carrying guitars and fighting tanks.

Welp. Looks like I haven’t updated this in weeks.

Anyhow, a month has passed from the Spring ’09 anime season – and after 4 episodes or so of each series, I thought it might be suitable enough to toss in my 2 cents for the series I’ve been following so far. This 1st post will cover Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood, Sengoku Basara, K-ON and Valkryia Chronicles.

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Anime Recap – Fall ’08 and Winter ’09

Now that the Spring ’09 shows have began, let’s take a look back on a number of shows that I followed, completed and which went on since Fall ’08 and those which started on Winter ’09; Toradora, Minami-ke Okaeri, Zoku Natsume Yuujinchou and Clannad After Story.

A little bit of a note before reading on – there’s a few spoilers abound, so if you haven’t watched the end of these series yet, then don’t spoil yourself reading the rest of this entry.

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Hetalia Axis Powers – America and Friends

No sign of Axis Powers trio in this ep, as the focus shifts to America and his allies this time around.

The episode starts off with America deciding on each countries’ roles during the upcoming war, with America simply deciding that everyone’s on support and that he’s the hero – much to the dismay of everyone else, sans the constantly smiling Russia.


A true hero!

Britain then argues with America on the latter’s lust for leadership, as the former tries to rub it in at how they helped America to be an independent nation. America on the other hand is just disgusted with the scones that Britain gave to him once.


Guess he loves burgers more.

France tries to break up the fight and wants to let the meeting take place, while telling them to change their currenly uncool clothes with a rather uncool pose.


France with the flashiness.

China gets into the mix and tries to decide on how the spoils should be split between each country.


China takes over everything!

And resulted in a prompt response from America.



Later on, Britain decides to choose Japan as their first target, with America trying to look for Japan on the map…which only has America in it.

Chibiatlia gave us another moment between Italy and the Holy Roman Empire, this time where Italy helps the HRE on how to draw. As usual, the HRE leaves embarrassingly during when Italy helps him out in handling the paintbrush.

The segment after the credits tells us a bit more on why Russia is rather calm and would rather be an observer of everything that goes wrong with the allies’ meetings. He then tells France at how he’ll probably won’t see everyone again…as he is anxious to see everyone beg for their lives.


Be weary of the silent, smiling types. Always.

Toradora! – Runaway Beasts

And they’re off.

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Hetalia Axis Powers – Get on the Phone!

Because Italy's in trouble for almost all of this episode.

Because Italy's in trouble for almost all of this episode.

Basically, yet another one-joke episode, which features Italy getting captured by the trio of America, Britain and France and calls Germany to aid him.

The first time around, America and co. try to let Italy spill the beans by making him do some chores (since Italy giving in so easily sounded so boring) but unfortunately, he failed at that. Britain sends a letter to Germany about the hostage situation, but tells them to provide good meals, soccer and women for Italy instead – which forces them to send Italy back to Germany via a package.

...Does this package say what I think it says?

...Does this package say what I think it says?

Second time around, France manages to capture Italy and sends him to the doghouse, literally. Britain then provides him some sort of food, which Italy detests and leads him to crying on how he’d rather eat potatoes. After which, he’s sent again via the same package.

Good boy.

Good boy.

3rd time around, Italy calls in to ask for help tying his shoe in North Africe, where England is also staying. It then turns out to be a trap, as England successfully captures Germany. Germany refuses to talk, as Italy is held and gunpoint and is scared for life, while eventually admitting to some rather disturbing private stuff regarding Germany, including his love for bondage and having “strange magazines and DVDs” (which weren’t even invented at the time!)

Chibitalia shows us some of Italy’s gluttony, in the fact that he’s still hungry even after a staff meal. This lets a passing by Britain feel sorry for him and gave Italy his meal. Which he hardly liked that much.

Fission Mailed.

Fission Mailed.

Austria then sent Italy into a holding cell for apparently stealing the food, whereas Britan takes pity towards him and tries provides him yet another, but that scary gaze isn’t really helping much.

Our last telephone related joke comes from Italy attempting to call Japan for help, with the latter just cooly replying that he’ll take the necessary action to do so.

Hayate the Combat Butler!! OVA – Vengeful Spirits and Hayate in drag. Again.

Not like you haven't seen it coming.

Not like you haven't seen it coming.

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