Spring Anime ’09 Outlook #2 – Leopardmen and cats with cellphones in Italian restaurants

Part two of the Spring ’09 anime outlook now; with Eden of the East, Guin Saga, Chi’s New Address and Ristorante Paradiso.

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Spring ’09 Anime Impressions – Alchemists on horsecycles, carrying guitars and fighting tanks.

Welp. Looks like I haven’t updated this in weeks.

Anyhow, a month has passed from the Spring ’09 anime season – and after 4 episodes or so of each series, I thought it might be suitable enough to toss in my 2 cents for the series I’ve been following so far. This 1st post will cover Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood, Sengoku Basara, K-ON and Valkryia Chronicles.

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Anime Recap – Fall ’08 and Winter ’09

Now that the Spring ’09 shows have began, let’s take a look back on a number of shows that I followed, completed and which went on since Fall ’08 and those which started on Winter ’09; Toradora, Minami-ke Okaeri, Zoku Natsume Yuujinchou and Clannad After Story.

A little bit of a note before reading on – there’s a few spoilers abound, so if you haven’t watched the end of these series yet, then don’t spoil yourself reading the rest of this entry.

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Street Fighter Online: Mouse Generation – Starring Presidents, Cyborgs and Death Metal Artists. Oh and Ryu, too.

So, Street Fighter Online: Mouse Generation has been slowly morphing from a bizarre experiment of using a traditional computer mouse for a fighting game (and sharing very simple looking models) to having one of the most diverse and awesome casts ever.

Not only because of the additions of both Cyborg 009 and Cyborg 004 from the much underrated Cyborg 009 action manga/anime series, but because of the inclusion of current US president Barack Obama and the incredibly vulgar and grotesque death metal singer Johannes Krauser II from the comedy Detroit Metal City.

Unfortunately, though, we probably might not see this heading into the english territories anytime soon, seeing as to how the game now has licensed characters from different manga publishers in the US.

Still, I’m curious as to how crazy the game will go from here. Perhaps we may find Kogarashi from Kamen no Maid Guy or Rambo as the game’s newest challengers.

MadWorld – Shoving stop signs in the head.

So cheesy, yet so brilliant at the same time.

It seems like Sega has been going in full force in promoting MadWorld, whom many have dubbed as the spiritual sequel to God Hand . It does, after all, share the same producer (Atsushi Inaba) and features the over-the-top violence that made it a cult favorite. Except that in MadWorld, the violence just gets even more bloodier and more ridiculous – Man-darts, anyone?

IGN is also running a number of articles as a special “MadWorld month”, so those who are curious should definetely check them out.

Chi’s Sweet Home – Chi’s going back home.

Because of all shows, you’ll be getting a 2nd season.

Chi’s Sweet Home is one of the shortest (each episode lasts for nearly 2 minutes) and simplest slice-of-life series that, well, probably anyone could enjoy – unless you detest cats or are a tough macho man who doesn’t enjoy watching the random antics of a little cat. Out of curiosity, I picked up the series last year and found it a rather adorable and fun show, so the news of a 2nd season gets a thumbs up from me.

Seto no Hanayome OVA 2 – Maids and Monsters

Totally out of character there, Akeno.

Totally out of character there, Akeno.

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RideBack – Ballet Dancing Mecha Bikes

In before the "I believe I can fly" reference.

In before the "I believe I can fly" reference.

RideBack, from the first two episodes I’ve watched, is one hell of a pretty show. The animated sequences such as the inital ballet dancing scene in the first episode was incredibly fluid, the character (and even the RideBack) designs are rather good and the CG actually melds well with the traditional animation, more like in both installments of the Ghost in the Shell TV series and nothing like some of the bizarre discrepancies seen in a few recent Gonzo shows.

The characters themselves seem to have potential for some decent development, despite the short 12 episode count, mosly in regards to main character Rin and her colleagues – and how Rin will deal with the GGP issue after joining the RideBack group. I think the only character I dislike so far is Suzuri – for which I would hope that later on she’d tone down the Rin fangirling.

Though I can’t quite define what genre the show is yet, I find myself interested in watching further and see how it’ll all end.

Lupin III vs Conan – Arsene Lupin vs Sherlock Holmes, Anime style.

Yet another crossover.

Or how Tokyo Movie Shinsha has offically ran out of ideas for TV movies concering both series.

Seems like Conan still didn’t quite have enough crossovers yet, after the whole Shonen Sunday vs Shonen Magazine extravaganza. Which included a manga series and an upcoming DS game against that other detective, Hajime Kindaichi from Kindaichi’s Case Files.

I enjoyed what I’ve watched of both Lupin and Conan; plus the sheer potential of seeing Daisuke Jigen and Kogo Mouri or Fujiko Mine and Ran Mouri in the same special sounds potentially awesome, so I’ll be keeping an eye on this.