Street Fighter IV – Flashback Romhacks

Checking out the unreleased/beta/cancellled game infoblog – it apparently turns out that the idea of the 4th installment of the Street Fighter series has been pitched before producer Yoshinori Ono did, which went by the apparent name of Street Fighter IV Flashback – and which has never seen the light of day.

Which is totally understandable, once you actually read the article itself. This goes especially true with the time-rewinding mechanic they were trying to implement named “Flashback”, which is used for reversing mistakes you’ve performed during your fight.

If you thought that sounded wrong, well, there’s much wronger than that in the form of an NES romhack bearing the name of Street Fighter IV; and which is nothing short of being hilariously bad.

So we now have bald monks, bunny girls and Ryu is now named Cliff.


I said wow.

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