Hetalia Axis Powers – The start of a beautiful friendship. Or maybe not.

He looks pretty baffled.

He looks pretty baffled.

And he’s got every right to be, considering how hilariously stereotypical Italy’s song dedicated to him is.

This week’s episodes builds up the relationship between Italy and Germany as allies. Mainly by having the ever so cheery Italy aiding Germany’s predicament (or rather his own, seeing as to how he and his family are poor) of building cuckoo clocks for France. The reason? Because France apparently threw all the blame towards Germany for the mess that is WW1.

Time passes on and WW2 arrives. Germany seems to have the advantage of attacking France and almost taking over Paris, that is, until Italy pops up again and asks for both countries to be allies.


Quite the cheery fellow, that Italy.

After much reluctance, Germany agreed – but in the end, that just made his stomach ache worse than before, thanks to Italy’s pasta spam.

Batman: The Brave and The Bold – The Green Bat-tern


I think he makes a pretty good Lantern.

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Street Fighter IV – Strategic Rap Sessions

So, iPlayWinner has been delving into providing the latest strats regarding fighting games, most especially for Street Fighter IV. One of the contributors to the site named Lil’ Shoto decided that he’d take character strategies to quite a different level.

Via rap music.

The results? Well, hear it yourselves.

El Fuerte




Apparently, there’s going to be more songs like these for the rest of the cast, as well.

Also in relation to SFIV, I’ll end this up with another pic of the game’s ridiculous expressions that’s one of the most bizarre yet.

Toradora! – Strike Two for Minori

We continue into the Christmas arc with a few more emotional moments and an incident.

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Chi’s Sweet Home – Chi’s going back home.

Because of all shows, you’ll be getting a 2nd season.

Chi’s Sweet Home is one of the shortest (each episode lasts for nearly 2 minutes) and simplest slice-of-life series that, well, probably anyone could enjoy – unless you detest cats or are a tough macho man who doesn’t enjoy watching the random antics of a little cat. Out of curiosity, I picked up the series last year and found it a rather adorable and fun show, so the news of a 2nd season gets a thumbs up from me.

Gintama – Gintoki educates us about Jump.


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Hetalia Axis Powers – Italy getting pushed around

So in this week’s episode of Hetalia we learn that Italy (aka what was in the mysterious tomato box) at the time of World War 1 was pretty weak. I suppose that’s where the title of the show came from. He’s so weak, that even when Germany wants to let him escape, he just goes off to talk to some women and comes back into his cell.

Just a silly boy who likes pasta, eh?

Just a silly boy who likes pasta, eh?

Apparently also a proof of it’s weakness – and despite it’s developing culture – it gets kicked around by the rest of it’s neighbors.

They didn't call it the boot-shaped country for no reason.

The boot-shaped country gets booted around.

Batman: The Brave and The Bold – Stretchy Rivals and Loyal Cellular Steeds

Ah, TBaTB – your cheese is never moldy. Just full of intentional (and unintentional) laughs.

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Seto no Hanayome OVA 2 – Maids and Monsters

Totally out of character there, Akeno.

Totally out of character there, Akeno.

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Toradora! – Tiger’s really a cub during Christmas.

Not really fierce now, aren't we?

Not really fierce now, aren't we?

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