Hetalia Axis Powers – Romano’s Day Out

Another pointless and somewhat funny episode of Hetalia this week. This could easily be split into two parts, but it’s mainly more or less the introduction of Italy’s bigger brother, Romano.

But before that, we get back to America and his allies, trying to work out a plan to defeat the Axis Powers trio. Unfortunately, nobody’s been able to understand what the plan is.

Since he's busy stuffing his face with burgers.

Since he's busy stuffing his face with burgers.

And then with lots of cola.

And then with lots of cola.

Italy introduces to Germany his brother Romano. He doesn’t seem to be as silly or easy-going as his brother, but the complete opposite. Angry at Germany tricking his brother into becoming his ally and letting him love Wurst more than he likes Pasta, his reign of raging terror comes to an end when a spying France pops out of a nearby manhole. Apparently France was planning a surprise attack on Germany, but it looks like it got foiled.

Better luck next time, France.

Better luck next time, France.

Romano tries yet again to taunt Germany by ‘giving’ him a fake mustache. Unfortunately, he’s too busy imagning the thought of giving him such a silly mustache that he wore it himself. Not quite funny of a scene, really. Romano gets embarassed and his brother comforts him by praising Germany’s good qualities, but doesn’t do it to his brother, much to the latter’s dissapointment.

It ends with another segment of Chibitalia, which is mostly about Chibi Italy helping out around one of the allies homes and gains another person fear (probably) aside from Austria.

2 Responses

  1. Wow, America is a glutton who eats burgers and drinks soda.

    I’ve never seen THAT done anywhere before…

  2. Well, that’s Hetalia for you.

    Considering how it’s based on making fun of every country stereotype, yeah, this comes to no suprise that they’ll portray America like that.

    Oh, also forgot to mention this, he also has a hero complex lol.

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