Gintama – Tosshi strikes again.

...and he started an otaku fight on TV.

...and he started an otaku fight on TV.

Contrary to the usual Gintama comedy, episode 102 is a bit more drama heavy.

After the TV otaku fightfest between the lovers of 2D (lead by “Tosshi”, Hijkata’s otaku alter ego) and the lovers of 3D/realistic girls lead by Shinpachi; the former vice commander shows his new side to the Yoruzuya trio, much to Gintoki’s great discontent.

Meanwhile, Okita meets up with his new “ally” Itou to discuss about him getting the Vice Commander position after Hijikata’s suspension. Itou tells one of his subordinates that he doesn’t mind giving him the position and that he doesn’t really care about it in general.

After visiting the blacksmith Tesho, whom we last seen in the Benizakura arc, it’s revealed the sword Hijikata currently possessed had the cursed spirit of an otaku killed by his mother – and in which can empower it’s user’s original personality, taking over it completely and for good.

We then move back to Itou and finally understand his true intentions; taking over the Shinsegumi via assassinating Kondou. Yamazaki overhears the conversation and tries to inform his former vice commander about Itou’s plans, only to get stopped by his newest ally – Bansai Kawakami from the Kiheitai.

Alas, Yamazaki, we hardly knew ye.

Alas, Yamazaki, we hardly knew ye.

So Itou’s plans then go into action; a number of his allies acting as Shinsengumi members then attempted to get Hijikata (in his “Tosshi” personality) back to HQ because of Yamazaki being killed by a stranger – only for Gintoki finding out that they were really out to kill him and thus ran away from the mob.

Meanwhile, Itou himself and another group of allies were preparing themselves to assassinate Kondou, as he travels via the train to the town that started it all – Bushu. As a discussion between Itou and Kondou occur in regards to how Kondou’s nobility as a samurai is as pure as a white cloth and how Itou regards himself darkness personified, Itou’s henchman surround Kondou with their swords.

Kondou doesn’t take it seriously and thinks of it as a joke as he tells them how he thinks that the Shinsegumi’s cloth can “neither be defeated or dyed by any color” – as Okita comes out lookout spot and orders the rouges to not hurt Kondou in any way or fashion.

Looks like this arc’s heating up. So much for the alliance of Okita and Itou, though it’s pretty much understandable why Okita did what he did in the end of the episode.

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