Gintama – Loser Otaku Swords

Only in Gintama.

A sight for sore eyes you are, Hijikata.

Episode 101 is more or less the starting point of the Shinsegumi based arc, featuring newcomer and deviously scheming Itou Kamotarou.

Quite the smug bastard, isn't he?

Quite the smug bastard, isn't he?

In general, not much happened in this episode aside from Itou’s introduction, plus the hilarity that came in the result of Hijikata wielding a cursed sword that changes him into a spineless otaku – from begging to be saved from a band of Joui samurai to having an interest in reading the To-Love-Ru manga.

Which pretty much is the reason why he may lose his position as the Vice Commander of the Shinsengumi. Doesn’t help that his old ‘pal’ Okita seemingly joined forces with Itou for a certain reason – most likely revealed in the next episode.

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