Hetalia Axis Powers – The start of a beautiful friendship. Or maybe not.

He looks pretty baffled.

He looks pretty baffled.

And he’s got every right to be, considering how hilariously stereotypical Italy’s song dedicated to him is.

This week’s episodes builds up the relationship between Italy and Germany as allies. Mainly by having the ever so cheery Italy aiding Germany’s predicament (or rather his own, seeing as to how he and his family are poor) of building cuckoo clocks for France. The reason? Because France apparently threw all the blame towards Germany for the mess that is WW1.

Time passes on and WW2 arrives. Germany seems to have the advantage of attacking France and almost taking over Paris, that is, until Italy pops up again and asks for both countries to be allies.


Quite the cheery fellow, that Italy.

After much reluctance, Germany agreed – but in the end, that just made his stomach ache worse than before, thanks to Italy’s pasta spam.

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