Batman: The Brave and The Bold – The Green Bat-tern


I think he makes a pretty good Lantern.

As expected from last week’s preview, it’s all Green Lantern, all the time. Well, 3 Green Lanterns to be precise – The aptly named and actually sinister Sinestro; Guy Gardner, whom we saw in an pre-episode scene in an earlier episode; and the unconfident anthromorphic dog Gnort.

Guy doesn't seem to be pleased.

So the reason for Batman’s arrival to the aid of the Green Lanterns is mostly because of yet another power hungry villian who tries to take over the universe – Despero. And he wants to do that by acquiring the power of the Green Lanterns by firstly controlling a bunch of them. That is, until Hal Jordan sealed himself and the rest into the a ring, which was sent off to Earth to get Batman.

A battle with Despero ensues with the 3 remaining Lanterns and the newly armored Batman which ends with them finding it was a hologram – and that Despero’s plans was to strike in the living planet (also a lantern, oddly enough), Mogo.

Gnort tries save Mogo from Despero’s brainwashing, while as it turns out, Sinestro intends to blow Mogo up because of his lack of trust for his comrades and that he perfers to do things his own, twisted way. That pisses Guy off which causes them to go into battle while Batman faces off with Despero.

After Gnort finally remembers the Lantern chant, the planet is saved, Batman manages to escape from Despero’s grasp and then knocked him out cold. With that out of the way, the other Lanterns are then released from the ring.

With that over with, Guy and Bats reconciled and congratulated each other on a job well done – but Gnort did have his share of praise as well.

And just like any dog when he’s elated, he jumps on Batman’s arms and tries to lick his face.


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