Toradora! – Strike Two for Minori

We continue into the Christmas arc with a few more emotional moments and an incident.

Apparently Ami doesn’t seem to have given up on trying to get Ryuuji’s attention, romantically. That talk she had with him mano-e-mano is more or less proof of that. She also sounds more mature as each episode passes by.

Not down for the count yet.

Not down for the count yet.

Taiga shows that she has the Christmas spirit by giving her currently disliked family and even orphans X-mas presents. Still childishly believing that Santa’s watching over her (or maybe as a dream), it’s nice to see Taiga slowly moving way from her archetypes as the always bitchy/mad tsundere.

That's a lot of presents.

That's a lot of presents.

Oh Minori, what did you do this time? Not only did you dissapoint your softball team earlier, now you destroyed Taiga’s star and the christmas tree.

Uh oh, looks like someone's death star's gone down...wait, wrong show.

Uh oh, looks like Taiga's death star's gone down!...wait, wrong show.

Of course it’s by accident and all, which leads to her trying to glue the shattered pieces. Ryuji tries to sit along with her despite wanting him to leave her alone (she’s still uneasy towards admitting her feelings to him) and provides words of encouragement.

Minori's still down in the dumps.

But in the end, however, she still doesn’t want to go to the party.

Could the next episode be the conclusion of this arc? Might be, but I’m hoping a resolution would be reached towards Minori’s bizarre behavior.

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