Gintama – Gintoki educates us about Jump.


Episode 100 of Gintama is mostly about a poor and sappy looking fellow named Konishi who seems to be sick and tired of his job working as a manga editor for Jump’s Gintaman, which is basically the Gintama characters in an action setting and looking 10 times uglier. After he overreacts to what Gintoki randomly says about the manga sucking so much, our silver haired hero decided to aid the guy in improving the manga’s quality, so they take a trip to Amachi-sensei, a parody of Gintama mangaka Hideaki Sorachi…

...who is a gorilla.

...who is basically a gorilla.

Gintoki shows the both of them that the main character, Ginta, barely looks remarkable or memorable from his silhouette. After showing off a few shadows of popular Jump characters to prove his point, he finally reveals what Ginta’s new look supposed to be.

Hey this guy looks familiar...

Hey this guy looks familiar...

Gintoki then explains to us about rival characters, again using the silhouettes of various Dragon Ball Z characters to tell us the whole ‘Jump Cycle’ defining how rivals/foes can become friends after a battle or two.

After that, we get to understand more about the comedy archetype straight man and funny man. Being Gintama’s #1 straight man, Shinpachi later on appears by yelling “DONDAKE!” when Gintoki shows up yet another evolution of Ginta.

He DEFINETELY looks familiar.

He DEFINETELY looks familiar.

Konishi later on takes the word as a meme, which boosts Konishi’s popularity amongst the public when he uses it.

However, in the end, and according to Gintoki, the Gintaman manga still sucks.

Next episode we’ll be getting into another long arc featuring the Shinsengumi – and it’s been a while since we had one of those.

So, I’ll end this entry with the fake Gintaman OP that looks so wrong yet can be plausibly funny at the same time.

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