Toradora! – Tiger’s really a cub during Christmas.

Not really fierce now, aren't we?

Not really fierce now, aren't we?

A little change of pace from episode 16 by incorporating some humor – and the fact that Taiga for some odd reason has taken over Minori’s role as the happy happy joy joy character – at least that’s what it seems for the first episode of this new arc. Now we get Kihara into the mix by actually having a crush on Kitamura, so things may get a little bit complex in the relationships side. All in all, ep 17 seems to be a start for another rollercoster of emotions, this time hopefully including more development for the currently less-happy Minori.

I’ll end this entry with a couple of scenes that made me chuckle for quite a bit:

Monk Minori returns!

Monk Minori returns!

Apparently, pissing off Inko-chan is a big deal in the Takasu household.

Apparently, pissing off Inko-chan is a big deal in the Takasu household.

P.S. New OP was okay at best, but the ED was much more of an improvement over the previous one.

2 Responses

  1. Yeah Minorin seems down in the dumps,probably because she either has feelings for Ryuji or Kitamura.Also Ryuji is begining to fall in love with Taiga,he just doesn’t know it yet.

    Silky Heart and Orange are just ok imo.Pre Parade is the superior OP and I happen to like Vanilla Salt more than Orange.

  2. I have a feeling that Minori’s depressed because of Ryuuji – I mean, compared to Kitamura, she spent way more time with him and you’ve got to remember the race they did for Taiga’s sake. As for Ryuuji having feelings for Taiga; yeah, the silence during his response to Kihara’s question is proof of that.

    Vanilla Salt was kind of preppy and good enough in terms of the ED, but Orange seems to have the better lyrics, IMO. But I concur in regards to Pre Parade > Silky Heart.

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