Hetalia Axis Powers – As short as Chibi Italy.



If there’s one flaw that Hetalia Axis Powers has then it’s not the stereotyping of most of the world’s nations, but how incredibly short the episode is. I mean in the 1st episode, we’ve barely got a quick introduction to most of the characters with a line or so of dialogue, with the exception of the ditzy America (with voice actor Katsuyuki Konishi speaking REALLY fast) and incredibly serious Germany, a to-be-continued scene featuring Germany discovering a box of tomatoes during World War 1 and a cute little scene about Italy’s childhood – then pop, it’s the ED theme. You also get to know a bit of history on the way too, so free education alongside entertainment. Yeah. But aside from the airing duration and transitions between each part, it was decent in general.

I don’t think it might be hard to follow this one, unless the online streaming will somehow get stopped with all the controversy going on recently.

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