RideBack – Ballet Dancing Mecha Bikes

In before the "I believe I can fly" reference.

In before the "I believe I can fly" reference.

RideBack, from the first two episodes I’ve watched, is one hell of a pretty show. The animated sequences such as the inital ballet dancing scene in the first episode was incredibly fluid, the character (and even the RideBack) designs are rather good and the CG actually melds well with the traditional animation, more like in both installments of the Ghost in the Shell TV series and nothing like some of the bizarre discrepancies seen in a few recent Gonzo shows.

The characters themselves seem to have potential for some decent development, despite the short 12 episode count, mosly in regards to main character Rin and her colleagues – and how Rin will deal with the GGP issue after joining the RideBack group. I think the only character I dislike so far is Suzuri – for which I would hope that later on she’d tone down the Rin fangirling.

Though I can’t quite define what genre the show is yet, I find myself interested in watching further and see how it’ll all end.

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